I've got infected by this Trojan and am unable to get rid of it. Defender
recognizes it and offers removal as a solution, but when I select this it
says it quarantined it. However in the history no item is listed as
quarantined, and more importantly, winwebsec is happy and alive. Any idea
what tool can remove it? (Both Windons XP and Defender are set to live
update, so they should be up-to-date)


Run a full scan with MRT
The programme can be found at C:\Windows\System32\MRT.exe ; MRT standing for
MicroSoft Removal Tool.

The icon is apt in design being the image of a Window with accompanying
sponge and soap suds.

The utility is...

Command line switches...

/? or /HELP = displays the command line switches
/Q = quiet
/N = detect only
/F = force extended scan
/F:Y = force extended scan and automatically clean infected files

The following is the resultant log file...


Restart the machine in safe mode with networking. Go to and
do a full scan. <>

Alternatively, call Microsoft pss. In the U.S. or Canada 1-866-pcsafety is
a toll-free call, and there's no charge for support for virus, spyware, or
problems related to security patches. If you are elsewhere in the world,
call the nearest number for paid Microsoft support. The call may not be
toll-free, but the support will be free.

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