WinTV tuner with Radeon 9600XT under XP - but no video!



Simply put:

The setup is this:
Win XP
Asus Radeon 9600xt
Cable TV connection
WDM drivers downloaded straight from the Hauppauge web site.

The problem is this:

I connect the coax (straight from the wall) to the TV-in (coax) on the
WinTV card.

I then run WinTV2000. I ask it to autoscan for channels. WinTV2000
proceeds to detect the 80 or so live channels in the 125 channels in
our cable system (Cablevision).

Then - no video, no pictures! Not even a hint of a picture of a
station in any of the channels.

I try the Asus Digital VCR application (essentially the same
functionality) - same result.

No problem with the cable service itself. I plug the same coax into
my VCR and my 125 channels are all there, bright and clear.

For good measure, I connected the composite out from the VCR to the
composite in on the WinTV; no luck.

I tried tech support at Hauppauge - very courteous but ulimately

I must be missing something fundamental, but I can't figure out what.
This problem bugs me to no end - I'm not a great tv fan, but it is now
a matter of principle!

Any ideas?


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