Vista RC2 (X86)

Original installation of RC2 detected WinTV USB2 and Windows Update
installed an update.
Media Center played TV and FM correctly (although audio was somewhat muted)
Remote worked.

Downloaded and installed all the lastest updates from Hauppauge's site.
Rebooted and WinTV2000, WinTV32, and Radio applications worked (again
somewhat muted audio).
Ran Media Center again -- all was good!

Ran WinTV2000 -- no video (transparent window), no sound, IR and buttons
changed channels.
Ran WinTV32 -- no video (white window), no sound, no IR functionality.


Any way to fix this?

P.S. Hauppauge tech support says they are waiting for 64-bit drivers from
the manufacturer of the video chip for Vista X64 drivers. (They expect the
drivers soon.)


I will be curious to see if you get an answer to this as I am going from DSL
to cable tomorrow and planned on using my WinTV USB2. Maybe I'll wait a bit
longer before going from RC 1 to RC2.

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