Windows XP printing problem



Maybe someone can help with this. I rented my apartment to someone who messed
up my printer (HP PSC 1410, used with Windows XP, HP a 220 n). I could see
that there was something stuck in the printing queue, something they were
trying to print from the internet. At this point, the printer would not print
anything at all. I attempted cancelling all print jobs some time back, but
this did not work. The jobs just stayed there and the printer did not print.
Some time passed, and I have returned to the apartment. The stuck print job
is no longer there, but the computer will not communicate with the printer. I
just switched printers (to the HP 1100 Laserjet), and downloaded the proper
printer driver. The computer will not communicate with the printer! The HP
1100 prints its own page with all of its statistics (sample printer page),
but the computer does not seem to be communicating with the printer. The
first printer mentioned used a USB cable, but the Laserjet uses the
old-fashioned cable. There seemed to be the proper connection on the back of
the computer, so that it is where it is connected (LPT1---i think). I used
the Windows XP printing troubleshooting program (HELP), and went through the
whole process. I came to the end of the HELP program and it said that they
had no solution.

Any thoughts? I hope that this was not unclear or difficult for the readers
of this board. "The computer is not communicating with the printer." I wrote
this too many times but that is the problem.

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