Windows XP Home installation weirdness



Im doing a clean install of WinXP into a fresh partition
and am experiencing problems with getting the setup
application to even load.

Basically after booting from the CDROM and ignoring the
prompt for 3rd party SCSI and RAID drivers the setup app
fails with the following error report:

unexpected error (536817728) ocurred at 1768 in

or sometimes

File setupdd.sys could not be loaded the error code is 4

anyone know what either of these could mean? im wondering
if my DVD-ROM is knackered and failing to read the CD

microsofts support response was to send me an
installation guide, im not sure they read my fault report
properly, so any help would be greatly appreciated.



interesting ive been doing some scouting and it appears
the error could be due to faulty memory being referenced.

for anyone whos interested theres a few solutions on in
the following forum

im off to try now, if it is RAM i got problems though -
no spare DDR :mad:

any other suggestions would still be greatly
appreciated :)


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