Windows XP Embedded




I am systems engineer starting on developing an embedded device based on
Windows embedded. I went throught the data avaliable on Microsoft web sites
to learn about building and Win XPe image for a terget device. What i am
perticularly looking is the list of device drivers and Chip set that Win XPe
supports so that i can choose the chipset accordingly. Please let me know if
anybody can help me find the details of chipset supported in Win XPe.

Best Regards,

Gordon Smith \(eMVP\)

XPE supports any chipset that XP Pro supports. If the drivers didn't come
"in the box" with XP Pro, then they won't be "in the box" with XPE's
component database. However, you can add them. You can create components
for drivers (typically by importing the .INF file) or you can install
drivers after buildling your OS.

The short answer is "same as XP Pro".

--Gordon Smith (eMVP)

Luke Alcatel

Also, before attempting to componentize the chipset driver, check your
hardware manufacturer's website for an XPe BSP. Some manufacturers, e.g.
Kontron, have developed BSPs with drivers, test target configurations, etc.
specifically for XPe.


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