Intel 945G graphics driver not working on XPE




I am building an XPE image to run on a custom all-in-one desktop PC.
The PC has the Intel 82945G Intel Graphics chipset for the display
adapter hardware. Target designer does not have this as an inherent
component so I need to make a custom driver for it to work on XPE. I
have downloaded the Windows Embedded driver from Intel for my proper
hardware, and loaded it onto the XPE image. When I run the setup for
the driver it goes through the install process, asks me if i want to
install the Intel 945G embedded graphics controller, etc. When I
reboot and check in device manager, the controller shows up under
unkown, and has the error "This device cannot start (code 10)". Any
ideas on this? I've been pulling my hair out trying to get the display
driver to work so I can hibernate and then enable HORM functionality.
I've scoured the internet, emailed intel (with a worthless response
saying they don't suppor this driver!?), ad infinitum... Any
information would be greatly appreciated.


Martin Grossen, eMVP [AVNET Silica]

That's the right way :))


Martin Grossen, eMVP

Franchise Manager Microsoft Embedded Europe

Your competent partner for Microsoft Embedded licencing


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