Windows XP ATI 9550



I recently had to reinstall my OS on my computer... I had lost my
Key# and went to the store and purchased a Full version of Windows XP.
The Packaging says Version 2002

Anyway, I cannot get my ATI Video card to work with 2 monitors. The
Card is an ATI 9550, it has a VGA port and a DVI port. Before
installation of the ATI Catalyst Drivers the dual monitor function
works. but it displays the same screen on both monitors. i did have
this working before on a earlier version of windowsxp which didnt have
sp2 pre installed. Ive tried installing different versions of the
catalyst drivers, I already have directx 9.0c installed. after
installing any ATI driver I have 2 screens in my display properties.
when i try to attach the secondary monitor and hit apply the settings
i changed disapear and it does not allow me to turn that monitor on.
it becomes greyed out. when i start my computer monitor was
displaying the boot screen untill the windows xp logon screen appeard
then it says no DVI signal detected on the secondary monitor. in the
ati driver tool it will not even force detection on the secondary
monitor. and in my device manager it only shows 1 monitor under
monitor. Ive also downloaded the NEC driver for my VGA/DVI monitor and
on reboot my driver is reverted to plug and play monitor. here is my
monitor setup
I have a NEC MultiSync FP955 which has VGA and DVI
Norwood Micro flat panel which has VGA and DVI
my default monitor that works with the catalyst driver is the NEC
which is currently using VGA cable
when i change it to the DVI cable it doesnt work. it will work if i
startup in standard VGA mode
if i plug in the flat panel to either the DVI or VGA with the driver
installed it doesnt work. it will work if the driver is not installed.
anyone have any ideas? ive tried to use several DVI cables vga to DVI
adapters arg, it just wont work with the drivers!


I ran into this years ago with an ati and dual output. I still run ati with
2 outputs and don't even bother.
I have same card 9550 (se version)
win xp sp2 and latest catalyst.
I do remember doing something in the bios upon bootup to clear cache of a
memory related to video. It worked.
There is different names for the ram I am referring to, maybe someone here
can elaborate.
If this does work, when you make any changes at all for a driver or directx
your bizarre problems will return.
This may not be the answer, but hope it helps.

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