Windows Update left my Logitech Webcam blind!


~~~ .NET Ed ~~~

Installing my Logitech USB webcame a couple of years ago was a nightmare. My
PC is operated in a secure mode by which I work in a restricted account and
use the administrator account just for those special tasks.

Unfortunately the Logitech USB Webcam software appears to have been designed
by Windows 95 people in which it assumes that ALL users are security
unconscious and do all their computing in an administrator account.

Back then, the only way I could get the darn camera to work in a restricted
account (where it is actually used!) was to tamper with some permissions of
some .COM file in the windows directory and change some registry stuff. All
of that I had to do according to the warped vision of the Logitech support

Since then my PC was never the same again, my user account started suffering
from amnesia, no longer remembering certain application settings.

To make things short, the camera was working and there was no way to revert
the "damage". Today I saw a Logitech USB Webcam update tagged for me on the
Windows Update site so I chose to install it.

It downloaded the update and when it was halfway through my XP SP2 PC
rebotted by itself, apparently this windows update installation pinched a
nerve really hard.

After than the camera ceased to work, it always said "camera being used by
another application". After several reboots it did not give that error again
but it only shows a flickering black image. I know the camera is OK but the
installation screwed something up and now the camera is blind.

I had no choice but to remove the Logitech USB WebCam software (driver
included) and now I am left with a piece of hardware sitting on my monitor
with no use. Idon't expect their installation has improved their initial
flaw and I certainly would not do the win update for this hardware again.



Obtaining driver updates from winupdate is the wrong place to go.
You obtain driver updates, only if required to add functionality or cure a
problem, from the hardware manufacturers site, in your cas Logitech

Some software/hardware will not function correctly unless the user account
has the required permissions.
I'd suggest uninstalling any Logitech software from add /remove then
reinstalling any available updated software & drivers from their site
following the correct installation procedures for this kit.


DL has answered your question pretty well I just wished to point out that
when I installed a Logitech Webcam on the wifes laptop a couple a weeks ago
during the installation procedure it asked me if I wanted to install for all
users or just the Admin Acct.A lot of the newer drivers/software
installation routines seem to have this option nowadays.

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