Windows Unistall Cleanup Utility



I am trying to resolve a corruption issue that occurred while trying to
download updates to Quicken 2007. The program appeared to be not responding
(which is apparently a problem between Quicken and Vista). When I cancelled
out, it corrupted the program. Now I cannot run, reinstall or uninstall the

E-mails to the Quicken online help rendered the following advice:
1) Download and Run QCleanupUI (A Quicken Product)
2) Download and Run Windows Unistaller Cleanup Utility

When I attempted to Download and Run QCleanupUI, I got the following error
MSIZap.exe is required for QClean to run properly. Please make sure that
MXIZap.exe is in the same directory as this tool".

So I decided to look at the Windows solution. The readme file of Windows
Uninstaller Utility states the following:
The Windows Installer configuration management information can become
damaged if any of the following issues occur:
- The computer's registry becomes corrupted.
- A registry setting that is used by the Windows Installer is inadvertently
changed, and this change results in a problem.
- The installation of a program that uses Windows Installer (for example,
Microsoft Office 2003) is interrupted.

My concern:
The reason my Quicken program is corrupted is because the download and
installation of an upgrade to the program was interrupted. Additionally,
when the problem initially occurred, I first tried to uninstall the program
from my computer using the Windows Add/Remove feature, as well restoring my
registry to an earlier date using the "Restore Points" feature in Vista.
Surprsingly, this did not fix the problem and Quicken remained in a problem

My question:
Given the above warnings will the running of Windows Installer Cleanup to
fix my Quicken issue result in my registry becoming corrupted?

Additionally, the Microsoft webiste states:
A possible error message one may receive when running the Uninstaller
Cleanup Utility is "This utility requires that Msizap.exe version 2 or
greater reside in the same folder. "
The error message I received while trying to download and install the
Quicken uninstall program was that this did not exist. What is this file?
Since there is apparently a problem in this area, will the Windows Installer
Cleanup Program run properly?

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