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I see that Vista offers Speech Recognition software that allows you to open
apps and dictate speech into Word, Wordpad, etc.

Does anyone have any idea on how this free Speech Recognition software
compares to the Dragon software that I've been seeing advertised on TV



I see that Vista offers Speech Recognition software that allows you to open
apps and dictate speech into Word, Wordpad, etc.

Does anyone have any idea on how this free Speech Recognition software
compares to the Dragon software that I've been seeing advertised on TV

WSR (Windows Speech Recognition) is very good for general commands and
naviagtion and for general business correspondence. For example, in
any program (Word, Outlook or a browser) just say, "Show Numbers."
Each button, menu or drop down list is given a number. Simple say that
number and then OK and you have command of that feature. For medical
dictation as an example, you would be better off with Dragon
NaturallySpeaking's Medical Edition.

For any speech recognition software to attain high accuracy you need:
1. To enunciate each word clearly. You cannot speak conversationally
or slur your words together.
2. To speak in phrases. Speech recognition software not only listens
for the sounds of each word, but compares each word to the words
before and after for context clues.For example look at there, their
and they're which sound the same. Speech recognition software knows
which one to use from context as in, "They're going to park their car
over there."
3. A good sound card or USB sound pod. Many sound cards built into the
motherboard are not well shielded and pickup electronic noise from
within the enclosure. This is why a USB sound pod (sound card) works
better in many cases.
4. A good close talk microphone designed for speech recognition and
does not pickup background noise. Microphones built into notebook
computers rarely work well.

To learn more about WSR, read, Getting Started with Windows Speech
Recogniton found in a link at:

Also, there is the $15.99 WSRToolkit which adds 7 functions to improve
accuracy, easily create command and text macros and even take
dictation from high quality digital recorder .wav files. See this at:

Marty Markoe, eMicrophones, Inc.


Oh I am sure some apologist for Vista speech will be quick to
point out that the free Vista app' can be forced to properly
recognize a lot of medical terminology, but that is a painful as
trying to turn a Yugo into a Lexus.

It would certainly be painful for you since you have turned down our
offer for a free WSRToolkit. The outrageously expensive $15.99
WSRToolkit found at:
adds 7 functions found in Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It allows easy
creation of text and command macros, transcription from a digital
recorder .wav file and the ability to parse one's typical reports
(medical or otherwise) and add these to one's personal vocabulary.

Mark Conrad has not taken up the offer to try the simple to use,
inexpensive, but powerful WSRToolkit, Mark Conrad should not bother to
respond although I would guess we shall see a rather long and
impossible to follow response.

Marty Markoe, eMicrophones, Inc.
Microsoft Partner
Speech Recognition user and supporter since 1994

John Doe

Mark Conrad said:
mmarkoe <mmarkoe> wrote:

... only for the mentally challenged.
... and the Yugo automobile conversion kit allows for easy
conversion to a lot of the functions of a high-priced Lexus
luxery automobile - - - I ignored that "Toolkit" also.

Shortly after I called his mother a "slimy whore", the spammer
threatened to send me one of those kits. Just how low can he get?
No band-aid add on of your $15.95 "toolkit" is going to
magically change a pigs ear into a silk purse.

Right... It is a waste of time, it has negative value.
If it could, Nuance (Dragon) would be out of business
in a few months.

Hope you did not have too much difficulty following
this "long and impossible to follow response".

Anyone who does not support the spammer's spam is automatically
his enemy. He is that way on every forum, on UseNet and web

John Doe

eMicrophones MyMSSpeech spammers stalk, slander, threaten others,
and publicly publish information from private investigators such
as Kelmar & Associates, violating the privacy of innocent people
who have nothing to do with fighting eMicrophones MyMSSpeech spam
and misinformation. Marty Martin Markoe and his buddies use many
aliases to advertise their commercial website and to attack their
adversaries on the Internet.
"After tracing this members profile we are embarrassed to find out
that we now know that Mike Tavia is another one of approximately
20 KnowBrainer forum aliases for Martin Markoe of emicrophones who
was banned from this forum for personal attacks."
That is an example of Marty Martin Markoe & Company masquerading
as a lurker on UseNet. That fraud was the ID's only post to UseNet
and his NNTP posting host (assigned to matched
Marty's buddy Michael Mendick.

eMicrophones MyMSSpeech spam and misinformation causes trouble for
speech users seeking help...
"Man you really are full of yourself [Martin]! Just leave me
alone... go away and let me get USEFUL information from someone
who will be honest with me instead of evasive, devisive and

See also:
eMicrophones, MyMSSpeech
Google Groups
Kelmar & Associates
M.M. <twatface41>
Martin Markoe <martin>
Martin Markoe <martin>
Martin Markoe <mmarkoe>
Michael Mendick <michael>
Microsoft Business Partner

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