Windows picture and fax viewer defect



Hi for some reason my Windows XP picture and fax viewer is no longer
If i rigth click a picture and try "open with" the pic and fax viewer" is
not an option.... i can´t find the program. The slide show function is also
not working. Is it possible to reinstal this program? How is this done?

Yves Alarie

To reinstall it:
Click on Start and click on Run. A textbox will open. Copy and paste the
following command in this textbox or type it in the textbox and then press
the Enter key.


Note that in the above command there is a space between ...32 and /i and
there is a space between /i and SHI... You must have these spaces if you
type the command in the textbox.

The above assumes that you do have the file here:
If this dll file is not there, search to find it and copy it

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