Windows Live Mail - contacts


Ed Jacobs

I upgraded to Windows Live Mail from Windows Mail and then added my Hotmail
account. When I click on the "Contacts" icon at the bottom left of the
screen it brings up my "Hotmail" contacts, and not the contacts that I had
created in my earlier Windows Mail program. How do I get back my original
Contacts list, and can I move back and forth among them ???


WLM should have found and imported your WM contacts when you installed it.
If it didn't, you can manually import them...

Open the Contacts folder
File - Import - address book for current Windows user

Gary VanderMolen

Dave already answered your main question.

WLM uses the contacts from whichever Live ID (Hotmail) account
you signed in with. If you add a new contact, it will automatically
sync with your Hotmail contacts. If you don't want to use (or sync)
with Hotmail contacts, go to Tools, Options, Connection, "Stop
signing in." Then WLM will use the non-synced contacts you
imported from Windows Contacts.

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