Need opinion Vista32 Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail



I currently use Vista32 Windows Mail. I use it to access my Yahoo email
through POP/SMTP (I pay for POP access - long story) and my Comcast email.
Contacts are a little quirky but I learned fairly quick workarounds. It
seems to do the job so I really have no complaints with Vista32 Windows
Mail. I use outlook 2002 for calendar and contacts only. I use it because
it is the only thing I know of that will sync calendar and contacts with my
HP iPAQ RX3115. Outlook 2002 contacts syncs well with Vista32 Windows Mail.
This whole quirky setup has worked for years.

I see Windows Live Mail. I am always tempted by new things. What
additional benefits will I get by upgrading to Windows Live Mail?

Background info: AcerAMD4400+64X2 320gbHD 4GBmemVista32bitHomePremSP2

Thanks for the help.

Bruce Hagen

Some people like it. Some people hate it. And those in the middle, of

The best way to see if /you/ like it is to try it. You can run it right
along side of WinMail and get messages delivered to both clients. Sent
items will only appear in the program sent from though.

Windows Live Mail (Overview, Features & Download):

You can run WLMail and OE at the same time and download incoming mail to
both if you want to give it a try. Sent messages will be only in the Sent
Items folder for the e-mail client used to send.

I would suggest you subscribe to the WLMail newsgroup and read some of the
posts & replies. That will give you a better idea of what it is like.

Windows Live Mail [Desktop] Newsgroup.

In your newsreader:

On the Web:

If you want to run WinMail and WLMail at the same time:

In WinMail and WLMail:

Tools | Accounts | Mail | Properties | Advanced - Check: Leave a copy of
messages on the server.

In WinMail or WLMail, (not both), check to Delete messages after X days to
satisfy your allotted space you get from your server.

Note that when you install WLMail, it will become the default e-mail
client. You can reset WinMail as default in the Control Panel.

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