How to Import contacts to Windows Mail.



I see that there is an import button but how does it import contacts! On my
Windows Live account, it will import contacts from Facebook or MySpace and
stuff like that. Now, how do you import contacts from a Windows Live account
to a Windows Mail account? It is a Windows mail account useing Vista. Can it
import contacts from Facebook or MySpace as well? It is SOOO easy to import
contacts into a Windows Live account. Importing to a Windows Mail account is
almost impossible. Any suggestions?

Gary VanderMolen

You are confusing "accounts" with email client programs. The two are not
synonymous. Importing is not done from account to account but from
email service (Hotmail) to email client program (Windows Mail).
You can export contacts from Hotmail in CSV format, then import that
contacts file into Windows Mail.

It would be a lot easier if you had Windows Live Mail
( )
because it imports Hotmail contacts automatically.

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