windows live desktop



hello i'am a windows live desktop beta tester , but i don't get any mail or
feedback about the program,
i'am using version 8.0.1226 at this moment and have troubles with it,
is there a newer version , is it already released for the public?
i get following error message

Server: '',
Protocol: HTTPMail, Reactie van server: 'Client is requesting a deprecated
version of the service. User should upgrade to the newest version of the
client', Poort: 80, Beveiligd(SSL): Nee, Serverfout: 4109, Foutnummer:

can somebody give me some answers


Hi, I downloaded a version 12.0.xxxx tonight.
So update it. Invoke the Menu Bar at the top of the page and select HELP
and right click and choose UPDATE.

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