Windows Installer Pop-up at start-up



I have a new HP computer and recently every time I boot up the computer, a
windows installer window pops-up and tried to install a program (it doesn't
state the program name) but stops at the stage when it searches for an
installation CD, as I don't have the computer's installation CD (the computer
comes with no installation CD and all installation info is backed-up in the
secured drive D).
How do I get rid of this pop-up ? I have tried using windows installer
cleanup utility but as I don't know which program windows installer is trying
to install, I don't know which one to delete from the list of programs
displayed in the cleanup utility. What would happen if I remove all programs
from the windows installer cleanup utility list ?
Any suggestions appreciated.

Richard Urban

Have you recently installed a multi-function printer? Did you install ALL of
the modules (software) for said printer? Is the popup asking to install

If so, place the CD in the tray and allow the printer software to continue
the install.

My friends HP multi-function printer had to be rebooted four time and each
time a new module asked to be installed.


Yes Richard, I did install a HP mutli-function printer the 1st day I bought
the computer but this pop-up only comes up a few days later. As the windows
installer doesn't say whether it is installing a program or a driver, I
wouldn't know what it is trying to install.
Your suggestion points me in a new direction which I'll try out tonight when
I go home and see if the printer CD would solve this issue.

Thanks Richard.


I finally had time to work on my computer issue last night.

No, the problem is not caused by the multi-function printer and inserting
the printer CD into the computer when the installer asked for the CD doesn't

I paid more attention to the windows installer display when the computer
rebooted and noticed it was trying to install 'solution center'. I used
windows installer cleanup utility to remove it and it was gone when the
computer restarted. But (there's always a but) a new pop-up appears and it
is from TRAYAPP which keeps on installing programs and then disappears. I
guess TRAYAPP is loading the programs that appear as icons in the system tray
located on the lower right hand corner of the computer screen. Usually the
loading is behind the scene and doesn't come up as a pop-up window on the
monitor. There may be no harm having this pop-up as it will disappear after
all programs have been loaded but it's a distraction. Not sure how I can get
rid of it visually ?

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