Windows Firewall - PORT configuration



I was using Windows XP, and now i have installed SP2.
I am a developer and i am working on one product, which opens a port
(e.g 2470) and keeps on listing on that port.
Another application, which is a console for this service running on XP
machine, sends data and receives data through this port.
The Console application will be running on some other machine that is
in the network (e.g. either on the same LAN or on WAN)
I tried enabling the default port (2470) through the Windows Firewall
and add it in the Exceptions list.
It works ok for the first time, but if i restart the console then the
console keeps on polling the port, but cannot reconnect.
If i re start the service on the XP machine, then the console gets

This seems to suggest that the Windows Firewall seems to close the
ports after periods of inactivity.
Is there any thing like "keep alive option" which needs to be set?
Or is there any other way i can solve this problem?



No, i am not agtting any error messages.
But what is happening is, my Console application doesnot start again,
It just keeps on waiting.


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