Seeking firewall rules for Diskeeper 2008 Home edition



I'm trialing the above named defragmenter, which requires that
firewall access be provided (
techspecs.asp) (which in itself seems a bit odd, but be that as it
may). I haven't been able to find online the details for firewall
rules. For Kerio Personal Firewall (and I suspect most firewalls will
be similar), these details are:

* Protocol: TCP, UDP, ICMP, or other

* Local port type: Any port, single port, port range, or a list of

* Application (full path of executable)

* Remote address type: Single address, network/mask, network/range, or
custom address group

* Remort port type (same choices as local port type above)

Of course, the rule(s) can be made as unrestrictive as possible, which
renders the firewall useless. Thanks for any info for constructing
the rule to be as restrictive as possible without interfering with the
operation of Diskeeper Home Edition. The machine is a standalone, is
not part of a home network, and does not network-related policies of
any sort from elsewhere.


Sorry, I was in the wrong group when I issued the New-Post command.
I'm am using Windows 2000 Professional. I suspect that this question
is not specific to the Windows version, however, so I should have
posted at instead (which is what I will do

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