Windows Explorer Not Respoding at Shutdown



Every evening, when I shut down the computer, a dialog
eventually pops up stating the Windows Explorer is not
responding. It doesn't seem to be a show-stopper--it
eventually times out and the computer shuts down. I just
wonder why it happens.

Tim Meddick

Possible because you have removable drive attached to the system and
they're configured for disk-caching rather than for quick-removal on their
properties page in Device Manager.

Whatever the reason, in the Window's Registry Editor [regedit.exe] if you
navigate to the key / value below and set it to "1", you should no-longer
be bothered by the message, as changing this value to "1" will ensure that
all applications are terminated silently on shutdown.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]

If the above value does not already exist under the "Desktop" key, create
one by right-clicking in the right-hand pane while in the above "Desktop"
key, and selecting "New" > "String Value", naming it "AutoEndTasks", then
assign it a value of "1" by double-clicking on it and entering a "1" then
press [ok] to set it.


Cheers, Tim Meddick, Peckham, London. :)


AutoEndTasks actually ignored the problem and forcecully terminates
stalled programs. This might cause an unwanted result on crucial
programs or services like database when they are doing cleanup.

Most cause of stalled Explorer is due to bugged third-party shell
extensions. Use AutoRuns to isolate the problem by disabling them.

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