Windows Explorer automatically closes - error viscommpgdec.dll



I am having problems with my My Pictures folder. Every time I open the folder
it causes Explorer to shut down. The error message includes:

ModName: viscommpgdec.dll
ModVer: Offset: 00003119

It also is causing shuts down of my MS Office products (Outlook, Word, PPT,
Excel) when I try to attach a file or embed a picture from file.

Any advice? How do I update/revert/whatever needs to happen to this file to
get this problem solved.

I believe the root cause is mpeg-2 videos that I downloaded from my video
camera (Sony HandyCam HDR-SR11).

I appreciate any advice you can send my way.


Yann said:
Hello Lisa
I am having the same problem and, just like you, I also have a Sony
Handycam (not same type).
I have run all kinds of virus scanners and adware programs but nothing
seems to help.
When I open a folder with pictures or movies it will say:
"Explorer has been modified. Network access for Explorer.exe was blocked
because its memory was modified by another process.
Process wrote to memory :DRWTSN32.exe" (Doctor Watson I guess)
Wish there was someone out there that could help us!

This might give you some ideas:

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