My Pictures folder causes apps to shut down - viscommpgdec.dll



I am having problems with my My Pictures folder. Every time I open the folder
it causes Explorer to shut down. The error message includes:

ModName: viscommpgdec.dll
ModVer: Offset: 00003119

It also is causing shuts down of my MS Office products (Outlook, Word, PPT,
Excel) when I try to attach a file or embed a picture from file.

Any advice? How do I update/revert/whatever needs to happen to this file to
get this problem solved.

I believe the root cause is mpeg-2 videos that I downloaded from my video
camera (Sony HandyCam HDR-SR11).

I appreciate any advice you can send my way.

Terry M

I believe the same thing happened to me, as immediately after downloading Sony handycam software, I too started having problems with "my pictures" shutting down apps. Did you ever get the answer to this question and/or find out how to fix it? I see your post was over a year ago. Please advise. Thanks

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