copy pictures to a folder on my computer using microsoft scanner and camera wizard



Hi All

I have been gathering digital photos for some time now and am well
familiar with how to "copy pictures to a folder on my computer using
Microsoft scanner and camera wizard"

Problem is that I have hundreds of JPGs that I would like to reassign
to different folders with more specific titles.

What I have been doing is gathering up the pictures to be reassigned
then copying them to a removable USB drive, and once copied, remove and
reinsert the drive, in order to run the pictures through the Microsoft
scanner and camera wizard.

This can be a very time consuming procedure and what I would like to
know "Is there a way that the Microsoft scanner and camera wizard could
be instructed to accept pictures from an existing folder on my C drive
then do it's magic to place them in another folder ". (retitled and

Thanks in advance!

Gord Dibben

Have you tried just copying or moving the pictures to your new folders directly
without going through the USB drive and scanner and camera wizard?

Open Windows Explorer, create the folders then select the pictures and drag to
the newly created folders.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP


Thanks Gord

I found the answer I was looking for in an earlier post and that was to
simply "select" the photos I want renamed and numbered, then right
click on the top name and select "rename", then enter the new name you
want and hit enter. Windows will rename and number all the files you
selected, then you can cut and past into any folder you want.

Nice solution for me!!

Thanks again

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