Slow Shut Down



My Windows displaying 'Saving your settings' within more than 1 minute
during shut down.
I used Selective Startup and found out that the line
in System.ini file causes this problem.
If I remove this line then my system shuts down fast.
I decided that timer.drv file corrupted and replaced it with the file from
another good working machine. It did not help.
Now I'm wondering if I can keep my System.ini file without that line? What
will be affected? Programs, services, something else?

Thank you

Ronnie Vernon MVP

The System.ini and Win.ini files are not used by Windows XP, these files are kept for backwards compatibility with older software and device drivers which do not use the registry to save settings.

The Timer.drv file exists in 2 places in XP. It's in the Windows\System and the Windows\System32 folder.

Not sure what this file would have to do with the shutdown, but if it solves the problem, remove the entry from the System.ini file and if nothing screams about it, you should be OK.

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