My Pictures Folder Unstable



I am having a hard time with accessing my My Pictures folder. Whenever I try
to access it, it crashes whatever program I'm in. If I go to the start menu
and click explore, then click on my pictures, it shuts down the program. If I
click start, then go to My Pictures, it shuts down. Each time giving me the
error message...."Windows explorer has encountered a problem and needs to
shut down. Then it gives the option to send a report to Microsoft or not. If
I try to open pictures from a CD in the E drive, the same thing happens. Same
error message. If I try to insert a picture into Powerpoint from the My
Pictures folder, same problem. When I try to open the My Pictures folder from
Microsoft photo editor....same proble. The Microsoft photoeditor will let me
open a .jpg file from the desktop however. I've been told it may be a problem
with adware on my computer. i tried to remove adware with two different
programs, but can't correct the problem. Someone suggested reinstalling
windows. What do you think? I've run virus checks, as well. Very frustrating.
Thanks. Bill in Connecticut


It's Bill in CT again....I just realized that this problem happens anytime I
try to open a folder that has jpg's in it. Hmmm.. anybody out there? Bill

John Inzer

Do you happen to have Adobe PhotoShop or
Elements installed?

If you do...right click on a .jpg file and choose
Properties. Click the Photoshop Image tab
and uncheck the "Generate Thumbnails" button,
then click OK.


I don't have Photoshop or elements. What do you think the problem is? Maybe I
could solve it through another program. Bill

John Inzer

Hard to tell what the problem is.

Did you run a full system virus scan
using the most recent definitions?

Reducing your Graphics Hardware
Acceleration may show an improvement.
If it does...your Video Driver may be
outdated...are you running the most
current version?

For removing adware and the like I use
the following freebies...



MS AntiSpyware

BTW...all three programs must be
updated frequently.

Good luck.

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