My Pictures folder damaged



I could really use your help with this problem. When I downloaded photos to
"My Pictures folder" the download into the folder was successful however when
I double click the file it will read "This program has been damaged, possibly
by a bad sector or the hard drive or a virus. Please reinstall it." It will
also state that "windows cannot find the file" however the file is in My
Pictures folder.
How do I reinstall the My Pictures folder and if I do will I lose the
picture folders that are already in there? Your help would greatly be
appreciated.... Thank you

Gord Dibben

My Pictures is just a folder. Leave it and your pictures alone.

I would suggest your problem lies not with the My Pictures folder but the
application that is used by default to view the pictures

That program is damaged or infected.

Run a good virus scan on your computer and also check for spyware/malware by
tunning AdAware or SpyBot or HiJackThis

Try to find out which program is currently being used to view pictures by
right-clicking on a *.jpg file and "Open With". The default should be the top
program in the list.

Try another one and see what happens.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

Gord Dibben

Happy to hear you are mostly sorted out.

To find which files are opened with which application open Windows Explorer or
My Computer and Tools>Folder Options>File Types.

Wait a few seconds for the dialog to fill then scroll down the list and select a
file type, say *.jpg

You will see "Opens with" and program name.

Don't know if you actually had a virus in PSP Album or not but it sounds like it
was definitely corrupt.


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