windows 2003 printing now working



suddenly my windpws 2003 server acting as a print server for xp machines is
not printing. documents just stays in queue and nothing happens until I see
an error, error -printing.

Jobs just stay in queue and does not print.

I have reinstalled printer drivers, removed printer and re added it. removed
port, stop and started spooler service. not sure what else to do




Hi Tony,

First try clearing out the Spool folder in case any corrupt job files stuck
1. Stop Print Spooler service.
2. Move or Delete all *.spl, *.shd, *.tmp files from the
%Winroot%\System32\Spool\Printers directory.
3. Start the Print Spooler service.
4. Try printing from the Windows 2003 Server.
5. If successful then try from an XP machine.
6. If unable to print ok from the Server - then problem is probably with the
7. If print ok from the Server then issue probably with the clients.
8. If ok from Server then try "only as a test" connecting an XP client via a
TCP/IP port directly to the printer (bypassing the server) and see if it can
9. Another thing to try to isolate the problem, is install Generic Text/Only
driver and create new port and try printing. This will help determine if
driver issue.
10. Could also be due to a corrupt or unused 3rdparty Port Monitor in the
Printers regsitry key:
Be sure to Export the Printer registry key before making any changes.

Try the steps above to refine the issue and post back.

-Joe Tuck

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