Windows 2003 print server problems!



I have just migrated our printers from a Windows 2000
server to a Windows 2003 server. We used print migrator
3.1. The problem is intermittent printing issues. Every
few days we will get the following error on the server

"The print spooler was unable to connect to your printer.
This can be caused by your printer being turned off, the
cable being unplugged, or being connected to a VPN, which
will block access to your local network. Your document
will print when the printer becomes available."

And there is a OK button to close the dialog box. The
problem is that if you don't press the OK button, all
printing is halted! We are using mostly HP printers,
4100's and 9000n all connected to the network via
Jetdirect. If we don't get the above error, we will have
users that send the job to the printer and in the queue it
will say error printing. There are no errors on the
server at all in the event logs. The ports are HP Standard
TCP/IP ports and in Printer Name it has: for most of them (the npi name is
different for each). I know that this is not a hardware
issue as everything was working fine on the 2000 box. Any
help would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks.


Been having the same problem for awhile now. Still trying different
things. Are you running Anti-Virus software?


Microsoft recommends using the standard tcp/ip print
monitor as opposed to the manufacturer port. I have not
used the Manufacturers port even in Windows 2000 and have
had minimal issues.

Hope this works for you.


I also have the same problem but on a Windows 2000 server. I have changed
from HP Jet Direct ports to Standard TCP/IP ports and the problem still
exists but mainly on our HP5si NX but sometimes on our HP 9500. I have also
installed the Microsoft Windows printer driver instead of the updated HP
driver and the problem is still there. I cannot find any solution to this
problem from either Microsoft or HP which is not very reassuring. I have even
tried swapping from LPR to RAW but still the problem is there. Does anyone
have any other thoughts on this problem?

Alan Morris\(MSFT\)

It sounds like some other monitor is loaded with the driver. If
Bidirectional on the Print Properties Ports tab is enabled, disable this

Also look in
HP has shipped two that I know of HP Master Monitor and HPDCMON.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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