Windows 2000 Server Upgrade from Professional SP4



Hello -

I am a "newbie" from the network deployment perspective, as have had the
good fortune of having a network image set maintained for me in the past,
and recently have been doing this 'brute-force'. I guess the problem is

The original licensed source is Windows 2000 Server SP2. There are a couple
of workstations running Windows 2000 Profwssional SP4 we need to upgrade as
'assistants' for off-loading some key tasks to prior to upgrading to the
Windows 2003 platforms and facilities. As the Server install CD is quick to
point out, this is not a supported upgrade path.

How can I build and deploy a Windows 2000 Server SP4 install image?


Another option might be to create a slipstreamed SP4 server disc. Or find one
on Ebay.

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