windows 2000 server to talk with novell 5.1



I have 27 windows 2000 Pro workstation and they use
Windows 2000 server for authentication. I need 2000
server to be able to talk with Novell 5.1 server. I all
so need all of my workstation to be able to access the
novell file server.

How do I go about doing this?


Mike Crabtree

On the 2000 server - from network setup - add the GSNW component.

That will give the 2000 server access to the Novell 5.1 server (assuming you
have IPX up and running on the server.

With GSNW - you can re-share the NetWare resources so that the workstations
can access them without an additional client via the 2000 server.

Or you can install the CSNW component on each workstation as well and have the
workstations access the NW5.1 server directly (again IPX is required)

Another option would be to install Novell's client on the server and
workstations - the latest version is 4.9 and you can download it from Novell - - in this case you don't need IPX

Either way - you want to ensure that user names and passwords match between
the 2k and 5.1 servers

Mike Crabtree MVP

MS Services for NetWare -

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