Novell to Server 2003



I need to transfer files from a Novell server to a windows 2003 server. They
are both DCs with different domains. I would like to connect the 2003 server
into the novell network and be able to transfer the data. I can map a drive
to a share on the 2003 server but cannot access it. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

Henning Ankarudd


I have done this several times and the easiest way is to install the NetWare
Client. You can run NetWare Client 4.90 SP2 , howewer make sure
that you run a customized setup and only install the basic client meaning no
nmas nici workstation manager or other crap. I could recomend the robocopy
for the file copy job.

The Novell Client are rather nice when it comes to uninstalling, It almost
never leave anything behind. But nici thends to crap up the Kerberos system
in Windows and with your 2K3 server are a DC that would proboly not be a
good thing.

Good luck

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