Novell to Windows Upgradation

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Varinder Dhupar


We have a set up of 2 Novell servers and 5 DC's(windows
2000) and nearly about 800 users.
We want to upgrade our Novell Netware 5.0 to Windows 2000
Server.Can you tell me which third party software would
migrate my novell server to windows 2000 server.

I want smooth upgradation of Novell to windows server
so that my user account as well as permission, policies
and logon script through which user has drive mapping,
disk quota etc are assigned will remain the same as it is
working now. If you want the exact figure of my company
network I can send it also so that you can get the details
Waiting for your kind help.
Thanks and Regards
Varinder Dhupar

Harald Bilke


I agree with Keith, you'll need to do quite a bit of work to get your

Agree/2 wholeheartly - it's more or less a downg...
permissions, domain policies and login scripts to provide similar results to
what you have now with NetWare and NDS/eDirectory. This is not an easy task.

What about using edirectory on the W2k ??? :))
It is not an upgrade. It is a big change.

I had to go thru such an "experience". There is/was a lot involved

1. documentation of NDS, login, file rights
2. documentation of NDS, login, file rights
3. guess what ...
4. Matching permissions as close as possible (not possible to the
whole extent) - document and communicate the "holes"

If you, your boss(es) and all other responsible persons (security,
accounting etc.) have understood and signed for the changes

5. Export permissions, users etc
6. Create some batches to map the rights/permissions and add them to
NTFS (for in do w/list etc.)
7. Add users and groups to W2k/AD
8. Test
9. Test again
10. Done

Been thru it for about:
900 users
750 workstations
5 NW-servers
about 80 gigs of live data
an attached NT4 domain (just for Exchange!)

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