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When I use IE to send a link or page by email (Outlook) I get a very small
mail message window that opens. When I go back into Outlook, I notice that
all future new message windows are now sized down to this very small size and
I have to keep re-sizing them every time I send a link with IE. This does
not happen with Opera. When I send a link using Opera, the mail message
window is the same size as my normal Outlook message windows. How can I stop
IE from re-sizing my new mail message windows? Thanks.

Alan Edwards

Try stretching the small window to full size. (Do not use Maximize)
Ensure that window is the last one closed and IE should remember the
size next time.



Tried that, but then the very next time I go to send a link by mail, the
window is back to the very small 2"x2" size....??? what's going on?

Gary Smith

This is a case of dumb design in IE interacting with dumb design in
Outlook, although I think most of the fault lies with Outlook. It just
doesn't do a very good job of tracking windows sizes and positions. I
don't think there's anything you can really do about it.

A workaround is to open a new message window in Outlook before sending the
link or page through IE, but that's terribly clumsy unless you have
Outlook open all the time, and even then it's a nuisance.

Robert Aldwinckle

victord66 said:
Tried that, but then the very next time I go to send a link by mail, the
window is back to the very small 2"x2" size....??? what's going on?

It's possible that Outlook is deliberately opening the window that
small. If so, you would have to find out from Outlook specialists
how to change that.

Otherwise when you close the window as Alan suggested,
if you are not retrying the problem immediately you should make sure
that that is the last IE window that you close and verify that there are
no other hidden ones by using Task Manager to prove that iexplore.exe
is no longer running. Similarly, it might be a good idea to close and
reopen Outlook before retesting. E.g. it may be using the properties
that it detected as being persistent and not checking that they have
been changed. Etc.

In addition to the manually resizing technique that Alan mentioned
you could try using the Taskbar's Cascade... or Tile... commands.
Minimize all windows but the one that you want to change before
executing the command. They both change the properties of
windows in normal mode. The difference is the size they leave.
Cascade... leaves an average size window. Tile... when applied
to a single window leaves a maximized normal mode window.

Good luck

Robert Aldwinckle

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