Win32 Error printing Event ID 61 - HELP!




I've got a win2k SP4 Dell pc with an HP DJ692C printer
attached via lpt1 that will not print properly (if at all).

The printer and cable are fine (tested on another pc).

The pc was upgraded (clean install on new HD) from Win98SE
to WIn2k SP3 about three weeks ago and hasn't printed
yet. I installed SP4 this a.m. thinking it may help.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the lpt port and printer
multiple times. This fixes the problem until logoff or
reboot and then it reappears.


Logged in as admin: Print job appears in queue, then
disappears no print and no event log message.

Logged in as another other user: Print job generates
following error message in System event log:

Event 61:

"The document Test Page owned by USER failed to print.
Win32 error code returned by the print processor: 3003

This is driving me crazy and frustrating the client.

Any thoughts?


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