WIN XP embedded + MS DOS networking with nowell netware



My company get about 50 PC networking, server computer is using MS-DOS as OS
and other PC are all WIN2003, they are all using nowell as netware.

Recently we add 4 new PC with WIN XP embedded, but this 4 PC can't get into
server computer's share folder and EVEN each other with permission denied
message (but they can access to WIN2003 PC). I can see the server and their
PC in my network place, but can't get into it even I have create another
admintrator account, confirm the domain name and activate all Local network
properties: (all PC set to receive IP automatically)

Client Service for Netware
Client for Microsoft Networks
File and Print sharing for Microsoft Networks
NW Link Net BIOS
NW Link IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol
Internet Protocol[TCP/IP]

For WIN2003 the different is one more item activated:
Net BEUI Protocol

also I have tried to use my XP Professional NB for networking, it can access
to server computer too, but username and pw is required (username is XXX & pw
is blank), but for that 4 PC, even type in collect username, permission
denied message still come out.

Can anyone help....? Thank you very much!!!

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