Can't enable IPX, NetWare Client on only one of two ethernet adapt



I have an XP SP1 computer with two identical 3Com 3C905TX ethernet adapters
installed. One is connected to a TCP/IP only network, one is connected to a
network with both TCP/IP and IPX/SPX. I configured TCP/IP on both adapters
easily enough, but when I added Client Service for NetWare and NWLink IPX/SPX
on one adapter, I noticed that it checked those boxes on the other adapter
too. I unchecked them, but this unchecked the boxes on the first adapter. I
cannot check these boxes on one adapter while unchecking them on the other
adapter. I tried this in Bindings in Advanced Settings also. Again, NetWare
is either checked or unchecked in both adapters simultaneously.
Is this a bug in XP? A feature? Am I forced to have these enabled for the
IP only
network if I want to connect to the other network?

Admiral Q

It is a Netware Client issue, not an XP issue - the Netware IPX/SPX driver
can't distinguish between the 2 cards, even though Windows can by using MAC
address - I don't think the Netware Client is MAC address aware.

Star Fleet Admiral Q @ your service!
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