How to ICS (Win2k) to a WinXP using USB Bluetooth



Having some trouble setting up internet sharing, but Im not sure if
its my config settings or the usb adapter drivers/software don't
support this.

This is how I have it setup..

The WinXP machine is connected to the network (ethernet) and is
connected to the Win2k computer via the USB bluetooth dongle. Both
computers are using a "IVT Corp BlueSoleil" usb bluetooth adapter (sw
version v1.6.1.4).

On the machine not connected to the internet, the win2k computer, the
bluetooth adapter appears in the network connections setup. Its
enabled, and its tcp/ip properties are set for Auto IP. The sharing
tab has ICS check marked.

On the xp machine I have 2 adapters listed, the ethernet and the
bluetooth. Here's where things get fuzzy... I've enabled both
adapters, and under the advanced tab, I've checkmarked "Allow other
network users to connect through this internet connection" for both
the ethernet and bluetooth adapters. I've also tried other combos,
but none seem to make any difference.

Can this sort of thing be done? How can I bridge my internet
connection so that both computers can use it?


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