Lost wireless network connection on laptop


Walter Cohen

My son had his Dell laptop at college and was using their wireless network
successfully. He came home last week and tried using his laptop on our home
wireless network (w/Linksys router). He said he was not able to always
connect so he tried to set up (configure, repair) the wireless connection
himself (always a dangerous thing to do).
Now he gets no internet at all (IE always goes into 'offline' mode).

I've tried to trouble shoot the connection but so far I have been
The laptop can see the wireless network (it shows as available and
There is something wrong with the network connection that IE uses but I
don't know how to go about fixing it.

In the laptop's Network Connections I see 'Lan or High-Speed Connections'
with a 'Wireless Network Connection' of connected,firewalled. Also, in the
configuration area under connection properties there is (checked) Client for
Microsoft Networks, File and Printer Sharing, QoS Packet Scheduler, and
TCP/IP. There are other services unchecked such as Client Service for
Netware, NW Link IPX/SPX, NW Link Net Bios, AEGIS Protocol, WLAN Trans...
(some/all of these I'm thinking were added for his university connection).

Can someone please help me. What can I do?




Under the TCP\IP properties is it setup to abtain a ip automatically.
Obtain DNS server address autmatically.

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