Win 2000 SP4 "Safe to shutdown" when reboot


Jeremy Sun

I use the shutdown.exe to remotely reboot a group of w2k servers.

Recently I have added 2 new servers, of different brands and roles, to the
group and I use the same command to reboot them. However they are both stuck
at the screen that said "It is now safe to turn off your computer" and
refused to reboot.

One of them is an IBM that act as an extra DC. The second one is a low end
server running backup software as a member server.

Anyone has a similar situation? Any solution?

It is interesting that Windows 2000 failed to reboot in such a clean
environment (brand new installation, man).

Jeremy Sun

Thanks for the tips.

Although I doubt the solution from the kb, it is true that I did not double
check the ACPI settings. I will make sure that I do this time.

Jeremy Sun

Well, a double check on the article, it is talking about "It is now safe to
shutdown your computer" when people aare trying to "POWEROFF" the computer"

My problem is that I get the same message when I try to "REBOOT" the


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