Why NOT to use Vista



Just some of the multitude and ever growing reasons not to use Vista.

Government agency tells schools to shun Vista

IBM will not use Windows Vista - but will move to Linux desktops

Long list of Vista bugs

Becta report slams Microsoft academic licensing, dismisses Vista

Vista is not an option

For a whole lot more visit


so then go hang out in the xp newsgroups, or linux, or osx and convince
yourself time doesn't go by and you're better off clinging to the past.

It's a vista world in 2 days. you will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.


Roy - even two years sounds a tad optimistic; more like 3 or 4.

But yeah, sure, Microsoft wants that to happen NOW so they can start
recuperating their R&D $$$ spend on putting Vista together ...

Mike Hall - MS MVP Windows Shell/User

Any company releasing a new product wants it to do well..

Roy Coorne

Mike Hall - MS MVP Windows Shell/User said:
Any company releasing a new product wants it to do well..

Of course, Mike, of course - but not every company announces new
important features of the forthcoming product which are missing in the
final release, after five years of development..



.... and Microsoft is already talking about the need for Service Pack 1 - lol
.... slated for 3rd quarter this year ... anyone holding his/her breath??

Mike Hall - MS MVP Windows Shell/User

Vista is just one part of the Longhorn project.. the fact that some Longhorn
features are not present in Vista does not necessarily imply that the
features are dead.. Lonhghorn server is still very much alive..

Mike Hall - MS MVP Windows Shell/User

All software gets updated at some point.. why should Microsoft not be


Well, doesn't it strike you as a tad odd? Vista, touted as THE
must-have-or-else OS per se, has hardly been released, and MS is already
calling for SP1 beta testers.

Sure, better earlier than later (or never); but this is REAL early, isn't it?!

So, perhaps it IS better to wait with shelling out for Vista until SP1 has
been tried, tested and released to us general mortals ...

Oh, BTW, did I say MS is NOT allowed to upgrade? Can't seem to see/remember
that one. Perhaps your interpretation of my 1½ cents worth was a bit
short-sighted ...


Or maybe MS should behave like Apple and not name the updates as SPs but
name them as new versions so that MS can charge for them?

Jupiter Jones [MVP]

Before you continue to read more into the Service Pack Release that exists,
look at the history of others Microsoft OSs and their Service Pack History.
Also look at the other product developed in parallel with Windows Vista and
its projected release dates.
You are probably not already aware of these details which would explain your

Robert Firth

They aren't even looking for beta testers. They are starting with TAP, which
is only large companies. Likely has a lot to do with paperwork garbage. And
yes, it is good that they are looking at the a service pack.

Longhorn Server is still in development and shares the same code base. Much
of the extra time developing server can be used in the SP1 for Vista to sync
the kernel with the latest bits.

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