Don't use Vista



Below are just some of the multitude and ever growing reasons not to
use Vista, for a whole lot more visit:

IBM will not use Windows Vista - but will move to Linux desktops

Government agency tells schools to shun Vista,1000000121,39285414,00.htm

Becta report slams Microsoft academic licensing, dismisses Vista

Long list of Vista bugs

Vista is not an option


What a load of toot!

George Ou might want to consider buying himself a new computer and stop
moaning! I've installed it on 2 computers and it's worked perfectly both
times. "Swapping out bad RAM", what a stupid expression! If it was bad in
the first place, then installing Vista wouldn't have made any difference!

And as for that "long list of bugs", they are pathetic really, and not the
sort of things that the every day user is going to encounter anyway.

Installing K-Lite, you get issues with explorer and WMP, and it's Microsofts
fault? All codec packs suck!

BTW, dunno if you noticed but your thread isn't going to stop people using



I've had a few problems installing old software but that's about it.

The "Open With..." feature is still in vista I have no idea what George Ou
is talking about.
The only time you you don't have it is when the filetype isn't assocciated
with anything.

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