Don't use Vista



Just some of the multitude and ever growing reasons not to use Vista.

IBM will not use Windows Vista - but will move to Linux desktops

Becta report slams Microsoft academic licensing, dismisses Vista

Government agency tells schools to shun Vista,1000000121,39285414,00.htm

Long list of Vista bugs

Vista is not an option

For a whole lot more visit

Dave B.

Your just as clueless as all the morons currently posting in the Vista
forums, what a mess that is. People can't take the time to search so it's
just a repeat of the same questions every day.



Dave, "Morons" is not a correct term but "Ignoramouses" may be better.
The article states not to use Vista for at least one year, which is probably
what most sensible people will do, just like they did for XP. But to not use
Vista will be redundant for eventually Vista will replace all previous
of Windows followed by Windows Vienna, without support or updates. The
alternative may be Linux or other OS.
Today is the first day of the
rest of your life.
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