WHQL - USB device using 2 drivers



My USB video capture device uses two drivers.

First one only loads the firmware. Then the device appears as an other USB
device, with an other USB product_id.
Second one is the definitive stream class driver handling the device as a
MPEG2 TS source.

I would like my device to be WHQL certified but I'm facing some issues in
the HCT due to the 2 different product_id and so the 2 drivers.

Have someone ever faced such issues ? Can such a device pass the logo tests

Thank you for your help.


I'm curious as to if you are using a Cypress product for USB? If so, could
you share with me which one and if you managed to fully support hibernation
and standby? I am having difficulties with power management and my Cypress

Thanks, Chris


Yes, I'm using Cypress AN2135 for USB1.1 device, and we've also started some
development with FX2.

Are your problems coming from enumeration / renumeration process of the
Cypress ?
Don't you think Hibernation and standby issues depend with the host PC
behavior ?



Yes, the problems come from the renumeration process.

Here is what's happening with our driver:
1. Some application has an open handle to the USB device.
2. The system goes into hibernation.
3. The USB device looses power, and subsequently its firmware.
4. The system boots again, restores hibernation state, and USB driver stack
says "hey this is a different device".
5. The system wants to unload the driver and load the firmware loader.

When there's no open handles to the device, drivers can unload and reload
without a problem, but as soon as there is an app with the device open you
get into a real mess. I created a big workaround for this involving a 3rd
driver, but to get back to your original question, I haven't submitted it to
WHQL yet.

Do you do your own driver development? I'm curious as to how you solved the
power management issues (if at all) in your drivers.

What do you mean by "depend with the host PC behaviour"? Power management
support is an integral part of all drivers in Windows.



what's happening with your driver is very similar with the problems we're
facing when running the WHQL tests...
and I have not found a work around yet.


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