Which test category to use in HCT 12 for testing usb mass storage device ?



Hello all

would appreciate it if someone could help answer this - (and yes I
know I have to switch to the DTM )

I have a multi function device with one mass storage interface (sd
media) that I am running the whql HCT 12 tests on. Which test category
is applicable to this device ?

- Is it the removable media Drive category ? If yes ... then are
the Media Status and Media Status notification tests applicable to
such a device for which media cannot be ejected by the OS ?

- If it is not the removable media category - then which one ?


Peter Bruinsma

Hi KS,

You should use the category RemovableMedia. When you create the submission
in the Device Console, you come to a step in the wizard where it asks
whether the device supports only a mechanical eject mechanism. Check that

Make sure to install the latest errata filters (download from winqual site)
so that the Media Lock test results are filtered. Media Status and Media
Status Notification tests are gone.


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