Where is System State in Windows 2000 Server ?



Hi All, need your help.
I need to restore the system state from my backup tape
media, the backup set is taken total of 2 tapes for me to
store it. I still remember that I have select System State
together with whole c drive in Backup wizard. But now I
can't found the System State under my tape media at
Restore wizard, I have tried at tape #1, but due to low
speed of tape drive, it take 1 to 2 hour to get the
catalog, so I not yet try on the tape #2.

1. Is it possible the System State will be avaible on the
tape #2 ?
2. If it is, why it doesn't shown when I load in the tape


When you choose to use tape as a backup media
it gives your the option to either replace the contents
or append to them.
if you did the system state after the backup, general
choice, then I would assume it's on the end of the tape
and you will have to read the entire catalog to find the
system state.

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