Backup not overwriting media



I have a Seagate 20000A tape backup unit using Certance Travan20 tapes. I
use the backup utility provided with Windows 2000 Professional to make "Copy"
backups. The backups are scheduled to run nightly at 11pm EST and the option
is set to overwrite media.

However, now I get a message from the backup program to install new media
because the current media in the tape drive is full. It appears that
although I have checked the option to overwrite, it appears the newer backups
have apppended to the existing media on the tape & now I have run out of
space on the tapes.

I manually "Deallocate" and "Prepare" the media as stated in Windows 2000
instructions when using the backup program. Certance website (through
Quantum) says to erase the tape through the backup program; however, this is
not an option through Microsoft Windows Backup Version 5.0.

Any ideas/solutions to the problem?




I do not have a Windows 2000 Resource Kit. Service Pack 4 was already
installed on the computer when I received it (DELL). I have a
"reinstallation" CD but it does not have the tool specified in the Microsoft
link. Is there a way to download the kit, or do I need to order the CD from



You can order the Resource Kit from Microsoft, and it is
*very* useful. However you do not need the tool if you use
one of the other methods given in the article.



Jerold Schulman

You can see if the free W2K3 tool works. Download from the link in tip 6705 » What are the free Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit tools?
in the 'Tips & Tricks' at

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