where address book / contact list located



OS - vista 32
outlook 2007

i make / add my contact list directly in the contact folder C:\Users\Contacts
however each time i run Outlook 2007 and click on the address book icon to
select a person from the list, the list i created in C\Users\Contacts does
not seem to be showing in outlook.

i deleted all the list / names from C\Users\Contacts and then i import /
export the list from my *.CSV file and the list does not show in the
C\Users\Contacts - it does show in the Outlook (clicked address book icon)
but then it is showing duplicate names.

any solution or is outlook having a virus?

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Outlook is behaving as designed. As Vince said, Outlook does not and cannot
use the Vista Contact utility. Never has.
So when you imported your CSV file into Outlook that's where they will
appear, not in Vista. Why they appear twice only you could know. Outlook
didn't do that. You did.

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