Incomplete contact list in address book



I am currently running Outlook 2003 SP3. when I click the "To:"
button in a new e-mail, the list of contacts is incomplete. When I
switch to Contacts, the names are all there. The list of contacts in
the Address Book seems to be from a much older list of Contacts; even
current contacts are present, but with outdated information. I have
migrated this pst from older versions of Outlook; this is my 3rd
machine but I only noticed this problem when I tried to sync my
Blackberry with contacts from Outlook--only the outdated contact list
is synced. I am unable to transfer my current list of contacts to my
Blackberry or even access the older list to try to update the
information contained therein. I am also, as previously mentioned,
unable to access my current contacts from the address book available
when composing a new email.

I have tried removing the existing Address Book, closing Outlook and
restarting, then adding it again and making sure that the "Show this
folder as an E-mail address book" box is checked.

There is only one address book in this profile: "Outlook Address
Book", which points to Contacts from the Personal Folders file. When
I try to select a recipient in an email, there are 2 options under the
"Show Names from the" drop-down box: "Outlooks Address Book" and
"Contacts". The list of available addresses are all listed under
"Contacts", though this is the incomplete list. I have tried right-
clicking my Contacts folder and changing the name of the address book
to make sure it is the same list referenced through the email dialog;
it is the same list, but a different set of contacts than what is
actually in that folder currently.

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Too many variables and not enough information to solve this equation. You
either migrated your data incorrectly or your sync software is faulty, or
both. If I were you I would create a new Outlook profile from scratch using
your last good backup of your Outlook data file. I would then consult
whomever supports your sync software and not sync again with Outlook until
they can assure you they can do so flawlessly.

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