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Bobbi Armbruster

Just upgraded from 2003 to 2007and all data has been migrated to the new
computer & version of Outlook. I have access to my contact data in Contacts,
but not through Address Book. When using the tools menu to add an address
book, there are no choices in the drop-down menu. When attempting to
designate a contact list as an address book via Address Book in the
Properties menu of the contact list, the option of "Show this folder....." is
'grayed' and I am unable to select it.

I have tried creating a new contact folder in My Contacts, but the same
thing happens.

Help! I need an address book!

Russ Valentine

Question is answered daily here.
Answer depends on how you migrated your data. You did so incorrectly but
didn't bother to tell us what you did.
Find one of the posts that matches what you did, then follow the

Bobbi Armbruster

Okay, feeling really stupid here. I found many posts regarding my problem,
but nothing recent and all seemed to apply to Vista or XP. The new machine
is running Windows 7 and for the life of me can't figure out how to create a
new profile.

To transfer data, I used a data transfer cable and the Windows transfer
program. Can you help me resolve this problem in a Windows 7 environment?

Russ Valentine

Hard to believe you searched these groups and didn't find the answer. Did
you use Google instead of Microsoft? Google works much better.
My search turned up countless posts that tell you that you never use Windows
Easy Transfer with Outlook. It has never worked with Outlook and apparently
never will. Microsoft won't admit it, but the rest of the world knows.
You'll need to create a new Outlook profile from scratch. You'll need to
connect that new profile to your data file correctly instead of using
Microsoft's pretend method.

Instructions for creating a new profile:;en-us;829918&Product=out2003

Instructions for migrating Outlook data correctly:

It is a disgrace that you have to put up with this. Microsoft should have
fixed this debacle long ago. It's not like they haven't been told.

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