What does Excel do when copying sheets containing a lot of Charts?



When I was copying some worksheets from one workbook to another, which
contains a lot of Charts. I found out that I can only copy 7 sheets with
Charts, the 8th one was copied but no chart was copied over.

And if I save the workbook that I just added several sheets with Charts, I
can't reopen it within the same excel. I have to close Excel and reopen
another one to open it without causing serious error.

My question is, what exactly excel does when I was copying worksheets from
one workbook to another?

I took suggestion from Jim Cone to turn off the AutoChartFontScaling. It
doesn't help. I still have the same problem.

The first 7 worksheets are copied over perfectly fine. The last one is
copied over without any Charts. And the bad thing is it doesn't give me any
error message. Except that I can't open the workbook in Excel anymore. It
can't even recover. I have to close my Excel and reopen Excel to open the
workbook that I just created. At that time. I can copy the 8th worksheet with
Charts to it without any problem.

And also, when I was trying to create a new sheet and use copy paste. Then
the Charts are all copied into the new workbook without any problem. Now the
new problem with the 8th worksheet is: Nothing is copied over except those

Could anybody give me a hint about what is happening to my Excel?

Thanks a lot! I appreciate your help!





Before I test, what version of Excel are you using and what Service Pack is
installed. To find the service pack number in 2003 or earlier choose Help,




Hi Salut,

Just a thought, what is in the destination workbook?
It may be simpler to do a 'save as' of the workbook
that contains the charts, and then copy the stuff from
the destination file to your new workbook.


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